Derona 360° Nail is an innovative proximal femoral nail designed for use in pediatric orthopedics and traumatology, consisting of 2 parts engaged with an interconnecting screw. With the combination of two parts, the nail provides maximum adaptation to the bone anatomy of the pediatric age group in the sagittal and coronal planes.

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  • Derona 360° Nail allows controlled rotational correction.
  • By advancing the nail from the lateral trochanteric entry point, the risk of injury to the vascular structure and soft tissues near the piriformis fossa is minimized.
  • Derona 360° Nail consists of two parts, proximal and distal.
  • The proximal part of the nail has a valgus angle of 12° and the length of the proximal curved part is 32 mm.
  • To increase rotational stability in the proximal femur, the proximal part of the nail is square-sectioned.
  • Over the proximal nail part, locking screws can be applied to the proximal of the femur from 3 different positions.
  • Lock screws are available in 20 different length options ranging from 20-70 mm.
  • There are 1 static locking hole on the 100 mm long distal nail piece, 2 static locking holes on the 125 mm long distal nail piece, and 3 static locking holes on the 150 mm long distal nail piece.
  • All measurement options of the proximal part of the nail and the distal part are compatible with each other.


The nail is used for the treatment of;

  • Proximal femur derotation osteotomies,
  • Proximal region fractures,
  • Malunion, nonunion and deformities

that are seen in pediatric age group.



Proximal part diameter options: 10 mm | 11 mm | 12 mm

Distal part diameter options: 8 mm | 9 mm | 10 mm

Distal part size options: 100 mm | 125 mm | 150 mm


For detailed information, please review the catalogue.

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