PediTST has its origins in an experienced, highly reputable company, known as TST with focusing on pediatric products for over last decades, that has become a global brand by producing innovative orthopedic implants and instruments since 1997 with high quality. PediTST adopts as a principle of TST’s strengths as quality-focused work discipline, innovative mindset and commitment to customer services.
PediTST with the awareness of the undertaken responsibility never settles for less than achieving the perfect.
Medical devices industry has a dynamic structure, requires for continuous improvement. Innovation in manufacturing is accepted as a core competence of the business and of the culture as well. PediTST is developing and manufacturing pediatric products with its own high-tech facilities. As an innovation-oriented team, PediTST strives to create excellent solutions.

PediTST is working within a permanent culture of improvement to push further. PediTST has a solution-oriented mindset, supported by R&D studies in line with the demands from the sector. R&D Team of PediTST works in the fastest and the most efficient way. This team with nonstop motivation, strives to create innovative solutions for this sector.
Children’s health is valuable to us. We are devoting a great attention to what we do. Children are our future, we care about our future. We are aware of children’s potential, therefore, we are doing our best to unearth their potential.

We are dedicated to healing. Our principle objective is to span generational to be the solution for children and maximize demographic diversity.

Our company believes that healing children is an ethical responsibility more than a commercial value.
We Innovate... We Care... We Are...