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Locking Hip Plates Set is designed for orthopedics those engaged in pediatric orthopedic surgery, with the aim of supplying their needs of implants and instruments in this field, is specifically designed for stable fixation of varus, valgus or rotational osteotomies and trauma applications.
Locking Hip Plates can be used for fracture fixation and osteotomies of the proximal femur. Situations in which it’s particularly used can be listed as; Collum femoris and pertrochanteric fractures, intertrochanteric rotational and varus osteotomies, intertrochanteric valgus and rotational osteotomies.

The Locking Hip Plates are anatomical structured titanium alloyed plates.
There are three types of these plates; 2.7 mm small plates, 3.5 mm standard plates and 4.5 mm large plates.
The proximal parts of the each type plates designed in 100°-110°-120° for varus osteotomies, have offset structure. The 2.7 mm small plate has a 6 mm offset, the 3.5 mm standard plate has an 8 mm offset and the 4.5 mm large plate has a 10 mm offset.
Considering simultaneous bilateral application requirements, there are a couple of each type of plates in the sets. 2.7 mm plates are used with cortical screws of 2.7 mm small head screws, 3.5 mm plates are used with cortical screws of 2.7 mm, 3.5 mm and special spongios screws having a diameter of 4 mm. As for 4.5 mm plates, cortical screws of 5 mm and spongious screws of 5.5 mm are used.
With this special designed Locking Screw-Plate Angular Fixation Set; the risk of primary and secondary loss of correction has been reduced by this system. When compared with The Angled Blade Plates; it provides optimum fit with the screws designed according to the needs and ensuring fixation of the femoral neck at different angles, can be sent through the locking screw holes on the proximal part of the plate, and providing possibilities of flexible application and re-correction even in different situations during the operation, having various diameter and length options. Owing to the guide hole between the two screw holes located on the proximal part of the plate and having the same angle with the screws to be sent to the neck and also guide K-wire sent through this hole, application errors of the screws pointed to the neck are minimized. Fixation will be even more strengthened through a calcar screw routed differently.

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