WristX Fixator has been developed for the treatment of articular and periarticular fractures of the distal radius and for deformity corrections.


  • It provides locking that can be angled thanks to the ball joint.
  • Provides 360° rotation.
  • Schanz screws can be sent in different angled plans thanks to the angled clamps.
  • It provides easy reduction thanks to its double ball-joint structure.
  • The ball-joint structure can be tightened or loosened with a 4.0 mm L-Allen key.
  • Suitable for extra-articular or transarticular external fixation technique.
  • It is used with 3 mm and 4 mm schanz screws.



  • Partial osteotomy of distal radius deformity; Acute correction of the blank by filling with a graft or gradual correction of the blank with callus by performing a hemicallotasis osteotomy,
  • Distal radius and/or ulna fractures, unstable intra-articular distal radius fractures (by fixation of fracture fragments with other implants),
  • It is used in extra-articular distal radius and shaft fractures, ulna fractures.



Fixator length options: 170 mm | 195 mm | 230 mm