The Shell Plate System has a design that provides more adhesion to the bone with the sea shell motif on its surface and is fully compatible with the anatomy of the pediatric calcaneus.

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  • Shell implant has two different diameter options, 15 mm and 18 mm.
  • The plate opens from 7mm to 12mm, allowing a wide range of degrees of extension.
  • 15 mm Shell Plate has a maximum opening capacity of 23 °, and 18 mm Shell plate has a maximum angling capacity of 18 °.
  • When necessary, the plate allows fixation with 2 locking screws.
  • It allows the expansion of the osteotomy space with the help of the rotation of the bolt in its center.



  • Pes Planovalgus deformity,
  • Mild/Moderate hindfoot valgus,
  • Posterior facet subluxation



Shell Plate diameter options: 15 mm | 18 mm

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