Screw Extraction Set is a set used to remove damaged screws that cannot be removed with conventional screwdrivers in case of screw breakage, screw head slot stripping, and damage that can be seen during screw application and removal in trauma and arthroplasty processes.


  • It can be used to remove all types of screws with locked or unlocked, with uncannulated or cannulated, with headless or head.
  • There are 6 different screwdriver bits in total, hexagonal, star, flat, plus, square and T-tip.
  • The trays, the instruments in the set, and the set transport container are in a design suitable for autoclave sterilization.
  • The instruments can be used with both motor and snap-on holders thanks to their quick-release feature.
  • Holders are straight and T-shaped.



Star tip instrument options: T8 | T10 | T15 | T20 | T25 | T30

Length options for square tip instruments: 1,2 mm | 1,5 mm

Diameter options for hexagon-tipped instruments: 1,5 mm | 1,7 mm | 2 mm | 2,5 mm | 3 mm | 3,5 mm | 4 mm | 4,5 mm | 5 mm | 5,5 mm

Plus tip instruments have a tip width of 2 mm.

Surgical Technique