The 8 Growth Plate Set includes implants that are indicated to be applied to the 8 Growth Plates (Physis) located at the ends of the long bones close to the joint, allowing the bone to grow and elongate.

position on the bone

angulation of the screws

easy instrumentation


  • The Eight Growth Plate system consists of 2 eight-plates 12 mm and 16 mm long, a 15 mm long H plate and an 18 mm long H compression plate.
  • It provides safe deformity correction with cannulated, fully threaded, cancellous screws capable of resisting existing forces. The diameter of the screws are Ø 4 mm. Screw lengths are available from 14 mm to 40 mm, in increments of 2 mm.
  • It simplifies fixation at the metaphysis by using K wires at the center and at both ends of the plate.
  • It provides advantages such as comfortable movement after surgery, normal healing process and non-restrictive daily activities.
  • With its flexible and non-locking screw-plate design, it allows the screws to be angled up to 24°.



The Growth Plate System is used for the gradual correction of angular deformities in the upper and lower extremities during adolescence and infancy (18 months to 17 years). Cases of ankle valgus, elbow varus, knee valgus and varus, oblique plane flexion deformity and recurvatum can be evaluated in this context.



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