Diaphysis Plates Diaphysis Plate is locking plates that allows neutralization, tension band principle, bridging and compression while working as a support plate in the fixation of diaphyseal (shaft) fractures.


  • The diaphysis plate is used with 3.5 mm and 4 mm screws.
  • The same plate is used for right and left application.
  • It offers two different options produced from Ti6AL4V ELI and CrNi 4441 raw materials.


  • Fixation of the tibia
  • Fixation of periprosthetic fractures, osteopenic bone and nonunions or malunions
  • Treatment of a variety of shaft fractures including simple and complex bone fractures


Plate Thickness: 4 mm

Plate width: 10 mm

Length options: 62 mm | 74 mm | 86 mm | 98 mm | 110 mm | 122 mm | 134 mm | 158 mm

Surgical Technique

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