The telescopically designed D-Scope Telecopic Nail consists of 2 different parts that are available in a wide variety of size options. Through the intertwinement of these two parts, called the female and the male nail, they extend together with the bone without hindering bone elongation.

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  • Manufactured from stainless medical steel in accordance with ISO 5832-1 standards.
  • The nail consists of D profile male part and corkscrew-tipped female part with a design suitable that of the former.
  • The D profile, can be cut during surgical procedure. For this reason, there is a nail size for each diameter.
  • At the distal end of the male nail, there is a specially designed corkscrew tip that provides maximum attachment to the bone and minimal damage to the growth cartilages.
  • Thanks to the cancellous threads located proximal to the female nail, stronger stabilization is achieved with the help of half threaded screws and the forward movement of the female telescopic nail is prevented.
  • Maximum fixation is ensured by the Kirschner wires that can be sent to the grooves located on the distal of the male nail.
  • Male and female nails are fixed distally and proximally behind the growth plate of the bone, in the epiphysis.


The nail is suitable for use in children aged 18 months and older with a diagnosis of osteogenesis imperfecta. In addition, it is used in long bone deformity correction, fracture stabilization, lengthening with external fixators, prevention of fracture formation and treatment of osteoporotic bones in children.


Female nail diameter options: 3,5 mm | 4 mm | 5 mm | 6 mm | 6,5 mm

Male nail diameter options: 2 mm | 2,5 mm | 3,5 mm | 4 mm | 5 mm

Male nail size options: 180 mm | 250 mm | 300 mm | 350 mm

Female nail size options: 110 mm | 120 mm | 130 mm | 140 mm | 150 mm | 170 mm | 180 mm | 190 mm | 200 mm | 210 mm | 230 mm | 250 mm | 270 mm | 280 mm | 290 mm | 300 mm

For detailed information, please review the catalogue.

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