The butterfly is a Guided Growth Plate solution that has two hinges plus locking screws and cannulated locking screws. Two hinges let a better adaptation on the bone surface and carry the stress from the screws to the plate.


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  • Butterfly Growth Plate offers two different size options, 13 and 16 mm, depending on the distance between the screw holes.
  • The 16 mm plate is available in 2 and 4 hole options.
  • The hinged structure of the system ensures full compliance of the plate with the bone surface, captures the full anatomical adaptation on inclined surfaces and facilitates the application.
  • While hinge movement takes place in only one plane in single-jointed plates, double-hinged plates allow for more screw angulation.
  • The hinge design in the system provides ±18° angulation.
  • It also offers the option of use with a locked cannulated screw.



The plate can be used in posttraumatic, metabolic, neuromuscular, idiopathic and congenital pathologies. For this purpose, it is preferred in the correction of long bone deformities and in the treatment of leg length discrepancy.


Butterfly Growth Plate hole number options: 2 | 4

Butterfly Growth Plate length options: 13 mm | 16 mm

For detailed information, please review the catalogue.

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