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Pedi-Articulated Plate is a plate-screw system which is used to correct angular deformities in pediatric cases, which are formed in the long limb and leg bones.Pedi-Articulated system is designed for the perfect matching of the bone surfaces by articulating plates tip.
Disorders used specifically; 
In adolescent and in infant periods;
In knee deformities (in genu varum and genuvalgum deformations).
Femur, tibia and humerus, varus and valgus cases.
In flexion and extension deformities of the knee and wrist.
Plate screw system that can be applied varus-valgus or knee deformities in the ankle.
Articulated pediatric growth plate system is applied to both sides of the epiphyseal line. By this means the axial growth is controlled and the angular deformity is corrected.
One with 12,16 and 20 mm depending on the distance between the screw holes.
Two with 2 and 4 holes according to the plate hole numbers.
Titanium and stainless steel according to the material from which the plates are made. 
With a strong screw design, the screw system is applied with definite and simple surgical technique. It provides an easy adaptation to different bone morphology.
The most important difference between the classic eight plate system and the new Pedi-Articulated Plate system is, the hinged structured system ensures perfect placement with the bone surface and it is ideally positioned on the growth plate.

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